Our Award Judging Process

Our committee of judges is made up of expert designers, developers and publishers. Each judge goes through a thorough and complete examination of every mobile app submitted for an award contest.

Every judge has his or her own core competency, which allows for diverse and well-rounded judging results within each contest. The following is a general list of criteria used for choosing the winners. Final assessment is made by a combination of these factors, including yet not limited to:

  • Number of app votes, which are accumulated using the "Vote" button at the top of the nomination page. Only 1 vote per IP address is counted
  • Number of app downloads + app overall ratings on public marketplaces
  • App functionality - free of defects, performance etc.
  • Creativity of the app idea - what problem does the app solve
  • Productivity of the app - how does it serve its purpose
  • Innovation - apps that are merely clones of other apps are naturally ranked lower
  • Uniqueness of design of the mobile app
  • Originality
  • etc.

This list serves as a guideline for the general population of mobile apps, however when focused on each specific category there are other parameters the committee takes into account when judging the apps. For example, a Best Mobile Game contest will assess the submitted apps a bit differently, focusing on graphics, lag time, etc. Category specific app design and development experts will review each app upon completion of each contest's deadline.

Until the deadline, starting at the launch date, apps can be submitted here. Apps are welcome to be submitted anytime within the contest's open period. However, there is no advantage given to those apps submitted earlier than others.

Any questions regarding the judging process? Don't hesitate to contact us.