Does Blockchain impact mobile apps?

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In a time when emerging technologies have a huge impact on all sectors of life, Blockchain turned up as one of the most innovative and exciting technologies. Nowadays, businesses of all sizes, regardless of their sector, are embracing Blockchain and enjoying its benefits.Blockchain was associated only with digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin for a long time, and often people thought that the only way they could engage with Blockchain was to buy Ethereum with a credit card or purchase other cryptocu...
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The world of app development thrives when creative and innovative people dive into it. Mobile apps can be one of the best experiences for users, and they can change the lives of their developers.  According to research, in the first quarter of 2023, 27 billion users downloaded apps from Google Play. You might have created it for business or for a specific audience, but no matter what, there are some central characteristics of successful apps that you have to consider. So, if you’ve...
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Do you know that app stores like the Google Play Store and App Store contain fake apps? Many smartphone users are not aware of it. But it is an increasing trend that you should educate yourself on. In this article, let’s look at how to know if your phone is hacked with a fake app and discuss preventative measures to make sure you don’t install one by accident. Understanding fake apps A fake app looks similar to a legitimate app but has a hidden, malicious function. Examples of harmful functions include: ...
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