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We’ve teamed up with Fantasy Football Portal to guide you through the next big thing in the World of Betting!

It’s Daily Fantasy Football!

The Basics

Daily fantasy football follows a similar format to seasonal fantasy football, except there is one key difference – the games are played over just one day or game week round. In daily fantasy football you will be given a budget to spend on constructing your squad. Each player will be assigned a value and it will be your job to build a line-up based on any rules that are in place without exceeding the stipulated budget.

Each player you pick will earn points for his actions and these will include goals scored, assists, saves, clean sheets, fouls committed and so on. You simply add all the points scored by each member of your team to get a total score for your line-up. Your aim is to accumulate a higher points total than rival managers.

Getting started

Your first port of call should always be to familiarize yourself with the game rules since each daily fantasy football operator has his own guidelines for team selection. Some will insist on a strict 11 player format, while others will allow additional players to be included (e.g. 12 or even 15 man squads). There are also shorter field events such as 6 a-side contents that might allow for cover players to be chosen as well. Read the rules carefully and make sure you have a thorough understanding of the scoring system that is in place.

Fill out the necessary details to create your account at your selected site and then you should be good to go. If you need more advice on the best way to get underway then Fantasy Football Portal can help you with their beginners guide.

Tournament Lobby

Tournament lobbies provide a list of all available contests. Each contest will have an entry fee or buy-in. Filters will be in place that will enable you to pinpoint your preferred contest more easily by searching via prize money structures, buy-in fees, selected leagues, field size etc. The site will deduct a rake which is equivalent to a small percentage of each buy-in (approx. 10%).  Prize money for each contest is readily accessible and will be distributed according to pre-determined conditions. It could be winner takes all or a percentage of the total entry fees divided with the higher placed finishers receiving a bigger share.

There are usually a number of competition formats available:

  • Freerolls – Free to enter contests
  • Head to Head – A one on one contest versus another manager
  • 50/50s – Contests in which half of the field will double their entry fee
  • Guaranteed Prize Pools (GPPs) – Bigger field tournaments in which a set proportion of the field finish in the money (similar to online poker contests)
  • Satellites – Instead of competing for cash, the winner(s) will receive a paid entry or seat as it is sometimes referred to, to a bigger tournament with greater prizes on offer

Team Selection

It’s usually possible to filter players by a large range of statistics including playing position, team name, fixture, salary cap, average points per game, total points for the season and even the number of points accumulated for specific scoring actions. Follow any guidelines that are in place by dropping/dragging or double-clicking on player names to add them to your starting formation, ensuring that you stay within budget constraints and do not violate any other line-up restrictions. Some games have playing formations that are more flexible than others.

Once you are happy with your selected players simply submit your team.

Live Scoring

Make sure you take advantage of the live scoring section available at your chosen site since this feature will allow you to gauge your progress against other managers as the contest unfolds.

Good luck and bear in mind that it’s always worth trying out any freerolls that are available, as well as keeping an eye out for any other promotions that might be on offer!

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